3 Financial Benefits of Long-term Travel

Long-term travel means spending weeks or months in a region. With that much time you can soak in an area's culture, food and people. But there are also financial benefits.

Three financial benefits of long-term travel are weekly or monthly discounts, cooking your own food, and renting out your home or apartment while traveling. You can save hundreds or thousands of dollars this way.

Let's dig in a bit on these ideas.

Discounts on Weekly or Monthly Stays

People who rent out a room, apartment or house for travelers like it when you stay for a week or more.

It costs them every time they "turn over" the place. Cleaning, resetting, and checking in new tenants takes time.

So they give you a discount if you stay longer. Usually for a week or more.

You may get a bigger discount for staying a month or longer, but often it's hard to find monthlong openings at Airbnb places. You just have to do more research and plan well ahead.

Cook Your Own Food

Staying in one place for a week or more means you can slow down a bit. Packing everything into a few days can be stressful and exhausting.

Long-term travel means you have more time to relax at your accommodation.

If you book a place with a kitchen (or kitchenette) you can save money by cooking some meals and eating there.

My wife and I will often go to a local market or grocery and get a few meals to cook.

It's cheaper and you don't have to make reservations or feel like you have to go out every night.

Rent Your Home or Apartment While Away

If you're only traveling for a week or two, you probably won't go through the hassle of renting your home or apartment on AirBnb.

But if you're gone for weeks or months, it makes sense. If you can recoup some of your living costs while away, it makes travel more affordable.

If you want to long-term travel in the future, think about the ability to Airbnb your place if you downsize your home. A little planning can help you take action.

Make Long-term Travel More Affordable

If you plan on long-term travel when the kids are gone or later in retirement, make it as affordable as you can.

Three easy ways are:

  1. Get discounts on weekly/monthly stays
  2. Cook your own food
  3. Rent your home or apartment while traveling

Here's to long-term travel!

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