I'm Here To Help You Long-Term Travel

Life is too short. Avoid regrets later in life. Let's make a simple plan to help you reach your travel goals.

Tommy Sikes, CFP®

You Don't Have To Be Super-Rich To Long Term Travel

Isn't long-term travel expensive? Don't you have to be a multi-millionaire?

Let's be clear. We're not talking about flying around the world on private jets. Or cruising the Mediterranean on a massive yacht.

My idea of travel is getting off the beaten path and experiencing the essence of a region. The food, the outdoors and especially the people.

The beauty of long-term travel is doesn't have to cost a ton. In fact, it might be cheaper than your current cost of living.

You just need to be intentional and have a plan.

If you're middle-class, tech savvy and have a strong desire to long-term travel (not just visit), you're in the right place.

Some of My Travel Adventures

I am fortunate to have traveled near and far. Here are a few of my favorite memories!

France (2018)

Twentieth anniversary trip with my wife. Walking around Paris, canoeing the Dordogne river, kayaking at the Calanques, hiking the French Alps (pictured), and more.

Italy (2014)

We saw the incredible history in Florence, then relaxed in the Cinque Terre for a few days. Stayed in Vernazza (pictured) and hiked along the coastal towns.

Grand Canyon (2017)

Hiked 10 miles in from the rim with all our gear. Rafted the lower canyon for 5 days, camping on the banks under the stars!

England (2018)

Toured London, then traveled north. Saw Manchester, Beeston Castle, and stayed in Liverpool. Culminated with UEFA match between Liverpool and City!

Tommy Sikes, CFP®

Tommy Sikes is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional focused on helping you travel in retirement.

He has been a fee-only, fiduciary advisor since 2006. His areas of expertise are retirement travel planning, investing in stocks and ETFs, and building wealth through online businesses and websites.

He loves soccer, running, travel (duh) and family adventures. He is always up for game of pickup soccer or a beer at the pub!

Three Things I Believe

Here are some of my core values:

Travel Connects Us

Travel builds empathy and understanding as global citizens.

Freedom > Money

Money is a tool to experience the world and live a great life.

Online = Opportunity

The internet is the greatest source of opportunity and leverage.

Ready to join me for long-term travel and adventure?

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