What Is "WanderWealth" Anyway?

I love to travel.

I dream of traveling to far off places.

  • Hiking in the Scottish Highlands ???????
  • Relaxing on the beach in Turks & Caicos ??
  • Sipping Limoncello along the Amalfi Coast ??
  • Spending 10 days on the Tour du Mont Blanc ??

I plan on traveling a lot in the future.

And that's what WanderWealth is all about: Helping people who want to travel in retirement make financial plans for it.

What Kind of Travel Are We Talking About

Lot's of people say they want to travel when retired.

But what does that really mean?

For some it might mean going to the nearest beach or mountains for a week each year. Or traveling to see the kids/grandkids for a few long weekends.

There's nothing wrong with that. But that type of travel may not need much planning. You can book a hotel or stay with the family.

I'd call that "visiting" or "vacationing", not travel. Especially if you can drive.

The kind of travel I'll focus on is long-term travel.

The kind of travel I love is where I can slow down and really experience a place. Soak in the sights, food, culture and people. It could be 3 weeks or 6 months.

To travel like that (every year) takes more planning. Financial and logistical planning.

So that's what I'm talking about.

Financial Planning Software

A key tool for WanderWealth members will be financial planning software.

There's already a terrific system I use. You can connect your financial accounts and enter all your personal and family info. All online and accessible 24/7.

The cool thing is you can test out different scenarios.

Like what if you sold your primary house and downgraded to a smaller apartment? Could you then afford to travel without any other changes? The system can show you.

Or what if you want to AirBnb your house while you're overseas for 6 months? Yep, you can model that out.

You can also include assumptions like Social Security, a possible inheritance, starting a side-hustle or business, or moving overseas permanently.

Courses and How-To's

The membership includes an area for courses and how-to's.

Some for using the financial planning software, but also for travel information, what the best kind of credit card to carry overseas is, or how to get money out of your Roth IRA for travel.

This will of course develop over time as I learn what members want.

But I like the idea of having a library of knowledge that people can go to when needed. And without a gatekeeper or emails back and forth.

Member Forums

I'm really excited about member forums.

As a member of a few online communities, I know this is what I love. Being able to share and interact with other like-minded people is amazing.

Especially when you're hundreds of miles away.

I'll have a place for members to share travel tips, pictures and favorite places. That way you can get objective info and up to date feedback.

Private Personal Forum

Within the forums area there will be a private, personal forum. 

This is an area where only you and I can see. Any private financial planning questions can be asked and answered here. And stored for later review.

Of course, members won't be allowed to share personal data like Social Security numbers or account info. Just questions that you wouldn't want other members to see.

Live Online Workshops

I'm planning on holding live online workshops too.

Maybe monthly or so. This will be driven by what members want.

Some topics might be a welcome workshop where we go over the parts of the membership. Or how to update your personal information in the financial planning software.

There are a million topics we could meet and talk about.

So I'll let the members decide as we grow.

Sound Interesting? Do This

If anything you read piques your interest, click here to head over to the membership waitlist page.

Enter your name and email and I'll be in touch.

People on this list will get inside information as things move along, including founding member discounts, behind the scenes looks, and more.

So click here to be added to the waitlist!

About the Author

With a passion for travel and adventure, I'm sharing what I learn to help other fulfill their travel dreams.

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