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In 8 weeks, do all the unsexy stuff (that keeps you wealthy), so you can grow your income and create more freedom and joy.

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What Is An Income You Own™ ?

To me, "business ownership" is a loaded term. I envision suits, offices, and HR meetings. Ugh. An Income You Own™ is different. Three core tenets are...

Location Independent

The ability to work, travel, live, and retire to any location with internet.


Build assets & systems that make more money without more work.

Low Cost

Limit risk by starting small, scaling up, and outsourcing when needed.

Is This The Missing Piece of Your Retirement Plan

Have you heard the three-legged stool concept for retirement income?

In the past it was possible to have a nice retirement on Social Security, a company pension, and your savings & investments. The three legs of the stool. 

Miss one leg and the stool falls over.

Pensions have (mostly) gone away.

Your Income You Own™ replaces that pension income. And it can scale to way bigger cash flow.

Use an Income You Own™ to:

Choose the best way to use your extra income.

REduce debt

Pay a monthly bill or completely eliminate your cost of living


Buy assets to compound your investments quicker.

Pay for College

Fund kids college so they graduate debt free.


Live, travel, or retire anywhere. Earlier than you thought.

My Story

Hi! I'm Tommy Sikes, CFP®. 👋

I'm fascinated with building cash flow and wealth online. The internet is the greatest point of leverage in the last 100 years. There are now over 5 BILLION internet users.

I combine this obsession with my knowledge and experience as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional to help others create unique and remarkable financial plans.

I'm building my own income so I can live, travel and retire anywhere.

I share what I learn as well as incredible case studies in my weekly Income You Own™ newsletter. (Launching soon)