Simple, Affordable Investment Management For Americans Who Love To Travel

Why for travelers?

Because I love to travel. So after you're comfortable with how I manage your investments, we can spend time discussing the amazing places you and I have been. Who wants to talk about the stock market with so many jaw-dropping spots to explore? Not me.

  • Expat retirees
  • Digital nomads
  • Long-term travelers
  • Americans abroad

What Does It Cost?

0.50% per yr

  • Active + passive strategy
  • Low-cost investments
  • Ideal for tax-deferred accounts
  • Leave at any time for any reason

Tommy Sikes, CFP®

Owner of WanderWealth Inc.

Tommy started WanderWealth Inc. to give American investors an affordable option for those who want to outsource the management of their accounts, while still having a human to communicate with.

As an avid traveler, Tommy understands that frequent, asynchronous contact (like email) can be easier for clients than the antiquated "annual meeting" many advisors subscribe to. Live, online video calls are also done.

Contact me for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a fiduciary?

Yes. I have a fiduciary duty to put clients interests first. I don't get paid for selling investment products by any bank, brokerage, insurance company or other third party. AKA a fee-only advisor.

Are there hidden fees?

No. Just the 0.50% listed above. Click here for my ADV Part 2 showing how the fees are calculated. The exchange traded funds (ETFs) I use have very low fees, but I don't receive any of that money. The custodian where your account is held is Altruist LLC. Click here for details on their fees.

Are my accounts safe?

All stock market investments have risks. If you don't want to take risks, you shouldn't be investing. Accounts I manage are held at a third-party custodian, Altruist LLC. Click here to learn more about Altruist LLC. Accounts are in your name. I use no proprietary products. And no crypto. Move your account at any time for any reason. I'll even help you move your account.

Do I have to sell my current investments?

No. We'll first discuss any tax implications. Then you and I agree to a plan to transition the appropriate parts of your accounts to my investment strategy. For tax-deferred accounts (IRAs, Roths, SEPs, etc.) we typically transition to my strategy right away.

Are you trying to time the market?

No. The majority of a client's investments are in passive, low-cost, diversified ETFs which are rebalanced when appropriate. The active investing strategy using a simple, rules-based framework so that changes are never based on emotion or news headlines. For more info, get in touch.

Why do you prefer to manage tax-deferred accounts?

Two reasons. First, I believe investors with tax-deferred accounts should invest for fairly aggressive growth. Otherwise, why keep your money in these accounts if you're not deferring a lot of tax? Second, my momentum stock strategy can produce large short-term gains periodically, which I don't want you taxed on. With a tax-deferred account, that gain is pushed off to sometime in the future. Or never with a Roth IRA.

Do I have to travel to use your service?

Of course not. Just know that I love to travel and love talking about travel, so you may get sick of it at some point. I'm just warning you up front. But all are welcome.

Have a question? I'll give you my best answer.

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